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Digital Transformation Readiness Essentials Video Training

Digital Transformation Readiness Essentials
The digital era will place demands on enterprises that will run counter to most of the well understood operating paradigms of the past. Multi-year planning cycles are being replaced with dynamic strategies. Product cycles, both in terms of development, as well as in terms of marketability, have shortened dramatically. Competitors are emerging at a more rapid rate and from unforeseen quarters as barriers to entry fall. Most industries are seeing these things happen right now. Culture is why most digital transformation efforts fail. A successful digital transformation is not, in fact, a technology-driven endeavor. It is first and foremost a cultural and organizational transformation. Digital technology, such as video streaming and the internet of things, are merely the catalysts and then ultimately, the product. You will be introduced to the Fundamentals of Digital Transformation and understand the foundations of a Digital Enterprise: • Operational Sustainability • Organizational Agility • Strategic Agility • Disruptive Culture
Price: $395.00 12 Month License